Hints on Prints!

So I don’t know if you saw my recent post on Instagram of a grandma layering black and white prints in a recent wedding that I attended. Well, this brings me to my post today as I have recently re-discovered my love for prints!

Of course this is a bit easier for me because I always had a love for color from a young age. However, I think color (especially in forms of pattern) can really help us stand out and/or express ourselves. I love the classic black and white and muted colors as much as the next girl, but I just find that prints can be just as great for outfits as colors. So here are 4 ways on how I usually try to style my prints:

1. Accessorize

So of all the colors on the print you are wearing, pick a color that you want to enhance and pick an accessory that will compliment the color(s) you have chosen. For instance the gold watch pictured on the right complements the warm tones of the flower print on her skirt. The classic brown leather bag has gold accessories that complement the outfit as a whole.

2. Pick Neutral Tones in Between the Prints

On days when I don’t feel like standing out too much, I try pairing prints that have more neutral colors such as shades of white, blues, nudes, or grey. These color blends well with almost anything you wear.

3. Similar Color Palette, Different Prints (or Vice Versa)

Another alternative to pairing prints is to pair prints with the same or similar color together (or vice versa). The similarity in color will create a chic subtlety to your outfit, but the play in patterns will show your voice and confidence.

4. Have Fun!

Prints are supposed to be fun so as long as you walk with confidence, the sky is the limit when pairing prints together!

How about you guys? What are some of the rules you go by when styling prints? Let me know what you think in the comment below!



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